New Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners 2022

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Getting jobs in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner may not be as difficult as you think. If you wish to get a job in Saudi Arabia and relocate to to the country, this is for you because you will read all you need to know about available jobs in Saudi Arabia and how to apply for it.

I understand that you are curious to find answers to your questions about available jobs in Saudi Arabia and how to apply for the opportunities, but be patient and read this article to the end to get the right information you have been seeking for.

What You Should Know About Jobs In Saudi Arabia

New steps to diversify Saudi Arabia’s fast-growing economy have created many new jobs. As a foreigner who wish to work in Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of opportunities for you.

However, there a lot of things you need to know about the Kingdom which will help you in your journey to fulfil your dream of moving to Saudi Arabia and working in the country.

Be prepared for compliments and learn to read between the lines. Saudi society doesn’t like to discuss negative things, so try to keep the perspective.

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New Saudi Aramco Jobs With Free Visa And Accommodation Apply Now

More than 10 million expat live in the desert kingdom. Most of them come from Southeast Asia, Africa amongst others and find work as a manual worker.

It is estimated that around 125,000 expatriates from Western countries also work in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is one of the few high-income countries with a very strong industrial sector.

Saudi Arabia’s service sector is already booming thanks to recent diversification efforts to reduce its economic dependence on oil exports. In 2015, the service sector generated approximately 51.8% of GDP, making the service sector one of the main sources of income for the national economy.

The manufacturing industry has also benefited greatly from diversification efforts. In addition to the national petrochemical industry, special attention is also paid to energy production, telecommunications and natural gas exploration.

The government is also investing over $ 70 billion in building six affordable cities. By creating a sort of “industrial pool”, it is hoped that companies are inspired to increase their productivity and creativity.

With the current development and opportunities in the Kingdom, there are plenty of opportunities to work in Saudi Arabia if you can offer your high level of expertise and experience.

Many expats work in the fields of engineering (especially in the oil industry), information technology, health and medicine, banking and finance, education (especially women), telecommunications or construction.

Saudi Arabia is also investing more in urban planning, transportation infrastructure, food processing and water management, so there may be good opportunities for foreigners with experience in such work.

Most foreigners working in Saudi Arabia have a contract in their previous place of residence. For example, it is very rare and almost impossible for a foreigner to come to Riyadh or Jeddah without an offer to find a job.

The first step for foreigners who want to work in Saudi Arabia is to
ask themselves what can they offer? What type of work are you looking for? Define your goal and pursue it keenly and to avoid apply for every job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements to Work In Saudi Arabia As A Foreigner

To work in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner, you will need an employment Visa to be able to achieve your goal.

To achieve this, you will need to get a job offer from an employer in Saudi Arabia because you cannot get work visa before getting employment in the country. Your sponsor (employer) will apply for the work Visa on your behalf. The Visa will not be granted without valid employment offer in the Kingdom.

Expatriates Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Like we’ve earlier explained, there are expatriates jobs in Saudi Arabia, all you need to do is to be specific about the job you want to apply in the Kingdom and know how to apply for it.

Another thing you also need to know about expatriates jobs in Saudi Arabia is to be specific about the particular city you want to work in the Kingdom.

Once you’ve defined this, and get it right, it will be easy to achieve your goal of working in Saudi Arabia.

Available expatriates jobs in Saudi Arabia you can apply for.

CCTV Technician


You need to have minimum of three years experience in CCTV camera selling and installation and software selling.Jobs in Saudi Arabia

You also need to have a minimum of high school or secondary school certificate to apply. You can apply here.

Area Sales Manager


The sales Manager will ensure the sales instruments of the organization are maintained with clean data quality and ensure a proper sales market coverage.

He/she will also participate in weekly sales and the market segment of the organization. Work closely with Customer Service department.

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Latest Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia For Foreigners 2022 Apply Now

Area Sales Manager should also be willing to visit other GCC countries on regular basis and willing to travel amongst other requirements.

He/should also have the ability to study and provide the management with proper forecasts of monthly sales amongst others. Ensure you have a minimum of degree before you apply. If you are qualified for this role, apply here.

Waitress for a Luxury Restaurant


A minimum of two years experience is required to be considered for this job. You will be required to greet, take drinks and foods orders to guests in the dining area.

You must also be willing to follow the health code standard set by the organization in handling food
and ready to perform shifts duties. Apply here if you are fit for this job category.

Auto Electrician


If you have a minimum of seven years experience in civil engineering and a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, this job is for you.

However, the employer states that the applicants must come from Ghana in West Africa. Apply here if you are qualified.

Work As QC Inspector-Civil In Saudi Arabia


To be considered for this job role, you must have a minimum of ten years experience as Quality Control Inspector-Civil, and can perform quality activities according to the the quality established by many system.

You will also need to understand how to establish inspection, test plans and its record forms according to the project requirement and know how international codes standards work .

You will carry inspections and determine whether work done conforms with the quality of the organization and record its results.

You will enjoy medical insurance in the Kingdom and flight tickets.
If you think you do this job, apply here.

Customer Service Job In Saudi Arabia


As a General Customer Service Officer, you will manage customers’ current accounts, take inbound and also outbound calls and maintain strong relationship with customers of the organization. Apply here, if you are qualified.

Expatriates Riyadh Jobs

If your goal is specifically expatriates riyadh jobs, you will also find it here. We understand that the goal of some foreginer is to work only in Riyadh and we’ve got you covered on the available job opportunities there.

Expats who are keen to working in Riyadh can also apply for the following available expatriates Riyadh jobs:

IT Infrastructure Manager In Riyadh

If you can work as an IT expert, manage, control and maintain technical activities, project systems hardware and software requeuments like LAN/WAN solutions, Internet solutions amongst others, apply for IT Infrastructure Manager here.

Medical Product Specialist In

As a medical product specialist, you will be required to manage the day-to-day sales call and sales lead with the hospital specialist. You will also maintain good relationship with the customers of the organization. Apply here

Part time jobs in Riyadh

For expats looking for part time jobs in Riyadh, there are also opportunities for you in the Kingdom.

There are people who prefer part time jobs in Riyadh, either because of their health conditions or due to the time they want to spend.

Some people simply can’t cope with the challenges that come with full time jobs and rather prefer to take part time jobs. You can achieve your dream in the Kingdom as well with the part time jobs in Riyadh.

Part time jobs in Riyadh give you the opportunity to have enough time for site seeing, tourism and others while still working.

Apply for any of the part time jobs in Riyadh and do proper follow up after your application:

Part-Time Store Associate In Riyadh

If you are looking for a job as part time store associate in Riyadh, apply here. 

Part-time Cook In Riyadh

If you are a good cook and looking to work as a part-time in Saudi Arabia, you should apply for this job in Riyadh. Apply here.

Part time Sales Agent In Riyadh

If you have experience in sales with computer ability and want to take part time job in Riyadh, you can try this out. You will work remotely. Apply here.

Expatriates Jobes In Jedda

Expatriates who want to work in the city of Jedda can also achieve their dreams through the expatriates jeddah jobs.

There are a lot of expatriates jeddah jobs and you can choose anyone that suites your choice and apply for it.

Ensure you don’t apply for more than one expatriates jeddah jobs. Make sure you go through your documents and information you provided are valid before you submit them

Apply for Market Manager in Jeddah here

Work As Student Registration Administrator In Jeddah

If you have bachelor degree, computer skills, fluency in English language and can work as a student registration administrator,
apply here.

Work As Public Relations Manager In Jeddah

If you’re fluency in English with computer skill and have experience as public relaitions officer, you can apply as public relations manager in Jeddah.

You will serve as media liaisons, attend meetings, making presentations amongst others. Apply here.

Delivery Drivers Needed In Jeddah

If you have a valid KSA driving licence, good English communication skills, customer service experienced and can work as delivery driver in Jeddah, apply here.

Part Time Job In Jedda

If you ambition to relocate to the Kingdom and take part time jobs in Jeddah, you can also achieve your goal.

There are some organizations that offers part time jobs in Jedda, you can leverage on the opportunity and apply for anyone that suits you.

Apply here.

Salaries for Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners

Salaries for expat jobs in Saudi Arabia varies depending on the type of job you applied for, the hiring company, and your qualification. Ensure you read the monthly salary of any job you want to apply for.

Conclusion For Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners

Before you apply for any of the jobs, make sure you have the qualifications or skills required by the employers.

Ensure your educational certificates and professional certificates are genuine. Make sure your license is up to date for medical officials, engineers, and others whose licenses are supposed to be updated.


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