How to Move to Dubai From Africa With Free Ticket

Have you been thinking of how to move to Dubai with free flight ticket? Then, you are in the right place because this article will explain how you can move from Africa to Dubai with free ticket.

Many foreigners have been looking for a way to move to Dubai and live legally as expats in the desert region but the greatest challenge has always been the right information to achieve their goal.

Information is power, this is why we have packaged all you need to know to move to Dubai with a free ticket and live legally in the country.

There are various ways you can move to Dubai with free flight ticket and start your life in the country, work and earn legitimately without the fear of being deported or arrested by the law enforcement agencies.

Dubai is the capital of Emirate of Dubai, the most populated city in United Arab Emirates.

In this article, we shall discuss all the ways you can move to Dubai with free flight ticket and live legally in UAE.

Find Job In Dubai

One of the easiest ways to move to Dubai with free ticket is to find job before moving to the country.

This is because working in Dubai can be financially rewarding, no matter where you hail from. In Dubia, there is no personal tax which makes net income to be much higher compare to other countries.

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If you wish to move to Dubai on a free ticket, your first option should be getting a job from a verifiable and reputable organization in the country.

If you are a technician, engineer, Architect, medical personnel, English teacher and few other highly demanding professions in Dubai, you will likely get job offer easily with free ticket and accommodation.

UAE is one of the highly secured countries with tight border security in the world, it’s difficult to move to Dubai without job offer or sponsor.

You need a sponsor before you can move to Dubai, it’s unlike other countries. In this case, your employer is your sponsor who will process your flight ticket, accommodation, residence permit, medical insurance and other necessary things before and after moving to the country.

Once you are able to secure a job in Dubai, the organization will guide you on the next step to take and officials of the firm will be available to pick you at the airport when you arrive Dubai.

However, while applying for jobs, you must be very careful not to fall victim and end up in the hands of human traffickers who will make bogus promises just to lure you.

Before you accept job offer from any organization, verify the company, read people’s review about them and find out how reputable they are in the country. This will help you not to fall victim and make your goal of moving to Dubai with free ticket a memorable experience.

There are genuine websites you can apply for Dubai jobs. All you need to do is to log in into the websites, search for the type of jobs you are looking for, read the requirements and job descriptions. Apply for the ones you are qualified for and follow the application up to know the next things to do.

These websites are English speaking ones which makes it easy to navigate and find the job that suits your taste. The following are a few English-speaking sites to help you find your desired jobs in Dubai.

UAE Recruitment Agency

Caterer Global

Gulflancer, an online job recruiter for the Middle East.

Can A Christian Works In Dubai?

A lot of people have asked severally if a Christian can work in Dubai, the answer is yes, you can work in Dubai and live in the country irrespective of your religion or belief.

Dubai is a Muslim country but religion is not a criterion for moving to the country. If you have relevant skills to work in the numerous organizations in Dubai, you can apply for job offer and move to Dubai irrespective of
your belief.

However, you must note that as a Muslim country, Islam plays a major role in the affairs and governance of the country. The weekly days of rest in Dubai are Friday and Saturday, while work resumes from Sunday to Thursday.

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, working hours in Dubai are reduced to six hours; while normal working day is from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

As a Muslim country, it’s not permissible to display extreme affection in the public like kissing, hugging, and wearing of skimpy dresses in the public. Before you move to Dubai, ensure you are prepared for this in order not to get into trouble by the law enforcement agencies.

Move to Dubai with Scholarship

Another easiest way to move to Dubai with free flight ticket is to apply for fully funded scholarship and sponsored by the institution.

There are different types of scholarship in UAE; you an either apply for BSc, Master’s, or PhD scholarship depending on your academic qualification.

Students on scholarship in UAE will move to the country on student’s Visa which is renewable every year. Each Visa covers for one academic session until the new one is issued.

There are several benefits of moving to Dubai with scholarship such as free Visa, free accommodation, medical insurance, monthly stipends amongst others.

Many international students who moved to Dubai with scholarship can also live in the country at the end of their academic program.

It is also easy to get job offer in UAE if you schooled in the country because it is believed that you are already familiar with the environment and know how things work in the country.

Scholarship in Dubai has helped many expats to achieve their goal of moving to Dubai to start their lives in the country. After your academic program, you can decide to live in the country, work and contribute to the economy while making money for yourself.

However, getting scholarship in Dubai or any other city in UAE can be a daunting task if you don’t know how it works. To avoid falling in the hands of human traffickers and online scammers, ensure you apply for scholarship directly on the school portal and follow the application up.

Don’t try to get scholarship in Dubai through third party agents because that might make you to easily fall victim.

When applying for scholarship in Dubai, ensure your credentials match the requirements of the institution and your academic qualifications are genuine.

However, for you to be granted Dubai visa after getting the scholarship, you must provide a passport, photos, a letter of acceptance of the admission granted to you by an institution in the country which will be submitted to the UAE educational institution. A tenancy agreement is also required for international students that has one.

You will also be required to undergo security check and medical tests for serious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis B or C. Prepare for these before you apply for scholarship in Dubai.

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